Loki here, speaking on behalf of myself and Maz.

We miss Catherine terribly. She was an amazing person, thoughtful, kind and good-humoured, and the world is a poorer place for her absence.

Catherine did important work on this site, and we felt that it was too important a thing to allow it to fall aside. But by the same token, we felt it would be disrespectful to her memory to continue her work on this site. This was her place, and it should remain that way.

We’ve discussed this at length with Andrew (who kindly agreed to post this message here), and between the three of us, have hit upon a solution.

Therefore, we invite you all to join us on the newly created Something for Cate site, on which Loki and Maz will be carrying on the good work upon which Catherine laboured so long and so hard, and hopefully making the world a slightly less poor place, despite the Catherine-shaped hole in it.

We hope to see you there.