In 2014, I wore Hijab for a week in solidarity with women in my area who had been attacked for, essentially, looking too Muslim.  It was a highly educational experience on a lot of levels, though I’m aware that I was fortunate in being surrounded by people who were largely supportive.  This page is an index of the posts I wrote that week, mostly for my own use, since I occasionally want to refer back to them and then have to go looking for them.  Also, since they are a series of related essays, I thought it would be worthwhile to put them together.

October 11 – Wearing Hijab in Coburg

October 12 – Day 2 in Hijab

October 13 – Hijabi Girl Goes to Work

October 14 – Bad Scarf Day

October 15 – Two Days

October 18 – Hijab, Femininity and Feminism