This is the index page for my posts on the 2019 Federal Election.

The Federal Election will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Enrolments are now closed, so I really hope you are on the roll!

A reminder that voting is compulsory if you are an Australian citizen.  If you are going to be travelling on May 18, you will need to either apply for a postal vote or vote remotely or early.  You can find a list of overseas polling places here (rumour has it that the Australian Embassies in Berlin, Tokyo and New York will even have sausage sizzles).  You can also vote at an Early Voting Centre from April 29.  I will post a link to the list of early voting centres once it becomes available from the AEC.  You can also vote outside your electorate on polling day at any polling booth (though they do sometimes run out of ballot papers for other areas).


As of 12:11am on May 11, I have reviewed all the parties and independents running in this election!  I have to confess, the last few reviews are probably not my best work, as I was getting REALLY tired, but I wanted to get them up before the last week of early voting.

And as of May 12, I’ve updated the Preferences information on each party for the last time before the election.


As always, these posts constitute my opinions, which carry a strong left-wing, feminist, pro-environment bias, so please take that into account.  I will always link to my sources and quote relevant sections of policy, to enable you to make your own judgments.

As a bonus, since this election is going to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest,  I have decided to assign every party on my ballot (and possibly even some that aren’t on my ballot) a Eurovision song of my choice.  After all, judging by the names of the parties below, I’ll be spending the next few weeks wading through a sea of nationalists, right-wing Christians and cranks.  I’m going to need something to look forward to.

And if you, my dear reader, are wading through the muck with me, you certainly deserve some sequins, wind machines, costume reveals, energetic backing dancers, and who knows, maybe even some yodel-rap…

Victorian Senate Groups

Victorian Senate Ungrouped Candidates

Registered Parties running in the Upper House outside Victoria

Registered Parties running only in the Lower House

Registered with the AEC, but not running candidates

Other Federal Election 2019 Posts

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