I’m going to apologise up front for any typos in this post, which is being typed on my phone as I sit on a tram in between singing commitments. Alas, politics does not stop for singing – and I fear that the Liberal Party is not one which inspires me to joyful song.

Like the ALP, the Liberal Party is, I think, fairly well-known to voters, so I will just glance at the policies highlighted on their front page before moving on to their preferences.

The Victorian Liberal Party’s home page tells us that they are “Building a better Victoria”, with  “strong plans to deliver growth, jobs as opportunities”. We are informed that this involves a stronger economy, a world class and integrated transport network (east-west link somehow stays off the front page), 21st century hospitals and schools, and stronger and safer communities.

They make a big thing about an integrated public transport system (and new roads, but they do not highlight this), inclding the airport rail link, and talk about upgrading schools and the health system.

Do they honestly think people will believe them about public transport? I, for one am, having a lot of difficulty taking this seriously.

On to the all-important group voting ticket. The Liberal Party made a great song and dance about putting Labor ahead of the Greens in all their lower house seats, and this seems to have been a promise they have. Kept in the Upper House, too. In fact, they have put the Greens dead last on every ticket, directly after Rise Up Australia. Ouch.

Other parties in the naughty corner are the Animal Justice Party, Voluntary Euthanasia, the Labor Party, and the Cyclists.

So, what sort of parties do the Liberals  like? Well, the Nationals, obviously.  In the rural regions, the Shooters and Fishers get second preference, and they are in the top five everywhere, which is interesting, given that in fact it was the Liberal Party who brought in our strict gun laws (and good for them, frankly).  Other than that, they are preferencing Family First and the Australian Christians first in their metropolitan regions, and they also appear in the tip five everywhere. Interestingly, they do not send preferences to the DLP, and of course they can’t possibly preference Rise Up Australia – they are almost as bad as the Greens!

The Country Alliance, People Power and the LDP are also highly favoured.

Overall, then, there are no real surprises, but it seems to me that they are being more overt in their preference for the religious right.

Lets face it, I was never going to advise you to vote for the Liberals – but I would say that if you are an economic rationalist but also an atheist, you might want to consider voting below the line this time…


Note on Pascoe Vale

The Liberal Party Candidate for Pascoe Vale is Jacqueline Khoo, who apparently understands the need for cheaper and safer public transport, and tells us that only the Napthine Government will reduce the cost of Zone 1 and 2 tickets to that of a Zone 1.  Again, she’s a long-shot candidate – in some parts of Pascoe Vale, the Greens out-poll the Liberals.  She agreed to be interviewed by the Leader, but pulled out the day before, saying that she was too busy.  On her How To Vote Card, she preferences Family First, Independent Francesco Timpano and then Labor, placing the Greens last, behind the Socialist Alliance.  Even the Reds are less dangerous than the Greens, evidently.