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Federal Election 2019: Meet the Australian Greens


Website: https://greens.org.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Australian.Greens/
Your Movement.
Vote Climate
The Time to Act is Now.
Themes: Socially progressive, economically left wing, pro-environment.  Urgent need for climate action.
Upper House: All of them
Lower House: Most of them
Preferences: The Greens have a slightly mixed bag, preferencing a variety of socially progressive / environment groups in each state, and not hesitating to include the loopier ones in the mix.  Frequent flyers (and I use this term advisedly) are HEMP and the Animal Justice Party, who turn up in the top six four times each.  Independents for Climate Action Now are in the top four in all three states where they are running candidates, the and Socialist Alliance appear twice, as do the Pirates and Sustainable Australia.  There are guest appearances from Hinch’s Justice Party, the Australian Democrats, the Australian Workers Party, and several grouped independents.  Labor is always in their top six – the Greens clearly want to make sure that if your vote exhausts, it at least has a decent chance of landing somewhere tolerable.

The most notable aspects of these preference lists are the frequent appearance of the AJP and HEMP.  The Greens and the AJP have evidently made up their feud, and it also looks like the Greens have decided that it’s safe to talk about legalisation of drugs again.  So that’s a bit of a change.

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We all know who the Greens are, and I think at this stage, they count as a sufficiently large and established political party that I am not obligated to list all their policies.  Frankly, you already know whether you like them or not.

So let’s get on with the really important part of this post, which is of course…

Eurovision Theme Song as determined by me, very objectively

Last year, Denmark produced one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever.  It’s called ‘Higher Ground’, and when I thought of it I immediately chortled to myself, because let’s face it, if there is one thing Greens voters love, it’s the higher ground!

(And look, this is partly self-mockery.  The Greens usually do very well on my ballot.)

And to be fair, the idealism, the call for change, and for peace, is a good fit for the Greens’ style.

More seriously, the Greens are in the midst of an existential crisis at present.  On the one hand, if they want to create political change, they need to be able to make compromises and work with larger parties.  On the other hand, if they make compromises, a certain proportion of their base will view them as selling out.  The trick will be compromising enough to be effective without losing what separates them from the ALP.

With the Australian Democrats back in the game, we have a telling reminder of what too much compromise can do to a small party.  I’m hoping this won’t spook the Greens too far in the other direction.

Freeze the arrow in the air
Make your mark and leave it hanging there
Be the first to turn around
Take the leap to land on higher ground

Here’s hoping they can find that balance.

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