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Federal Election 2019: Meet the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia


Website: https://cecaust.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cecaustralia/
Stop ‘bail-in’
Break up the banks
Rebuild the country
Themes: Giving the banks back to the people – global finance is the enemy.  Gigantic infrastructure projects, including a space program.  Very excited about nuclear energy, but also fond of mining and crude oil.  Not interested in the environment.
Preferences: No how to vote cards, but the CEC includes the following parties as ‘genuine’ and worth voting for where there is no CEC candidate.  Hold onto your hats, because this is a trip.

  • Katter’s Australian Party
  • The Greens
  • Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
  • Centre Alliance

I bet you never expected to see those four parties on the same list.  The common factor is small parties that the CEC views as taking on the banks.  But I think the real thing you can take away from this is that the CEC are not quite living on the same plane as the rest of us.

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Victorian Senate Group AI: In which a Council of Citizens is Elected

I have to admit, I always rather look forward to the Citizens Electoral Council, because you never know quite what will be on the policy list this time, but you can be sure there will be something magnificently grandiose and just a little bit mad.  I like that in a political party.

Also, the CEC are local – our Senate Candidate also runs in our local government elections sometimes, so I feel a certain neighbourly affection.  We have our very own Coburg crazies and now, we get to export them to the world!  Or at least, to the rest of Victoria.

Sadly, not too many of the major parties share my affectionate feelings for the CEC, so they don’t tend to get very far in the Senate.  If I’m being sensible, I have to acknowledge that this is probably a good thing.

So let’s see what the CEC thinks of everyone else on the Group Voting Ticket…

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Politics: Federal Election – Meet the Citizens Electoral Council

I’m sure there’s a quote I remember about words like ‘democratic’, ‘people’s’ and ‘citizens’ in the name of a political party being almost guaranteed indicators that the party in question cared very little about democracy or about people.

Which brings us to The Citizens Electoral Council, and something tells me this party must be pretty bad, because absolutely nobody likes them. Labor and the Greens put them second last; Liberal and the Democrats put them dead last, Family First and the DLP put them only just higher than the Greens, and even the Shooters and Fishers and the Climate Sceptics put them down at slot 23-24, after Family First, making their preferencing pretty pointless.

The CEC preference Family First, which must be a little embarrassing, and then Senator On-Line (who, now I look at them, give the CEC one of their highest ratings, at 13-14 on the ticket) and the Climate Change Sceptics. Preferences eventually flow via almost all the tiny parties to the Liberals (which must be *really* embarrassing, though at least it’s pretty clear that there were no preference deals happening here), with the Greens and Labor holding the two bottom sets of slots on the ticket.

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